How to best manage your revenue stream?

Exhibition & Sponsorship Management

Through our network of freelancers, we also offer exhibition and sponsorship management.  We offer a broad range of services from marketing your event to advice in design and decoration, ideas and concepts for shows and booths, product launches and conference exhibitions. We have numerous partners to bring in based on your needs.

Exhibitors and sponsors play a critical role in the success of your event. But coordinating the details of an exhibition - selling exhibit space, recruiting sponsors, managing service contractors, logistics, and registration - can be overwhelming and time consuming. That's where A111 Services can lighten your load with our comprehensive Exhibition Management solution.

What sets us apart? We work with you to design a custom exhibition and sponsorship program that fits your specific needs, schedule, and budget. Our professional consultants help you sell, coordinate, and manage your program, from the earliest planning stages to post-show evaluation. We handle every administrative detail of the exhibition - from reservations, payments, and confirmations, to exhibitor kits and follow-up surveys.

Throughout the process, we provide outstanding customer service, including telephone support and professional on-site staffing.

Your key benefits:

- Professional consultation: A111 will work with you to develop a customized exhibition and sponsorship program plan that integrates with your overall event and meets your unique objectives, business rules, and budget requirements.

- Implementation and management: A111 puts your program into action, implementing the services outlined in your customized exhibition and sponsorship plan.

- Exhibit and sponsorship sales: with A111, you don’t have to worry about your exhibit hall, as we manage your on-site resources to ensure your event runs smoothly.

- Optimized exhibitor experience: our professional staff focuses on assisting exhibitors with whatever they need to help make the event a success.


The results? Increased revenue and loyal, long-term relationships with exhibitors and sponsors.