How can you avoid attrition? Let us help.

Accommodation Service

A111 is your specialist for hotel bookings during conferences, meetings and events. We source and contract suitable hotels based on your delegates and conference needs. Usually this follows careful evaluation of historic booking patterns. A111 is the hotel contract partner and manages room-blocks to avoid attrition clauses. We will be the point of contact for you, your groups and delegates before, during and after the conference.

We will assist with everything concerning your accommodation and with two teams - one in North America and one in Europe - we have a faster response time and delegates can contact the office best available to their time zone.

A111 provides an online housing reservation system that allows for constant real-time accurate information for you and your attendees.

What we do for you:

- build up room allotments based on historical data and your needs
- handle various hotel categories offering competitive rates in any destination worldwide
- negotiate rates and sign contracts avoiding attrition clauses
- pre-pay hotel deposits if required
- provide a link to our online booking engine which will be personalized to align with the look and feel of your conference website
- book, invoice and confirm individual and group bookings
- handle the full finance process
- answer any questions from delegates and groups regarding accommodation
- handle all rooming lists and communicate with the hotels
- monitor and manage all hotel allotments according to contracts
- deliver final accommodation statistics

Our user-friendly online booking engine makes it easy for delegates to book and change their accommodation online.

If you are looking for a highly professional and personal service for your delegates, A111 is your perfect partner.